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by Cryptohelix

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SFxSF 03:03
San Francisco science fiction so fun - Speedy, speedy -- freaky tweaky! A sang-froid Suck-f-f-f-fuck so fine, so fine, so fine! Met the nicest social worker Just my face/in the mirror See the lines, feel the chrome, getting followed by a robot cop Canned laughter on the train PA -- A secret message just for me! Got Herb Caen's head in a jar Guyana trip - went way too far Last days of the Barbary Coast -- now you're shanghaied to outer space! San Francisco's still, still doomed [STILL DOOMED, SO DOOMED] if you can't pay for a room [GET A ROOM, GET A ROOM] Stay for a while, but move out soon [SO SOON, TOO SOON] San Francisco's still, still doomed [STILL DOOMED, SO DOOMED] I gotta luxury mortuary Had a subsidized bohemia I gotta getta getta job I gotta, gotta so many memories Seismic shock '89 Hear those hippies moan and whine Dead ghosts rattle City Hall Slick Willie missed the call!
I/have read/a bit too much/ science fiction And can accurately/predict/the course of man/ and machine One giant/misstep/ for mankind/ to abandon space! One small leap/for men/to continue/ their mischief! A technophile’s/naivete/trumps an old spook’s/manipulated fever dreams Their nightmares: /the true wreckers/of civilization/ and a master plan Laid out/who knows/ how long ago/ by mythical creatures Traveling back/in time/from our best/ future imaginations
They can’t stop/the Old Dads ‘84/ or Los Chicas Mohicas/bustin’ down the door/ We’ve got our tools, and our zine archives/ Food in the fridge, a beater car to drive/ We cast our votes/at the town hall/ while the lobbyists lobby/right down the hall/ Trekked back to tract homes/from generations ago/ Sound-proofed the garage/X-City Rockers are go [1-2-3-4!] Kids today/don’t know what they’re in for/ when the moms and dads start bangin' out the chords/ This bloody mess - we pass it on to you/ So get wild in the streets - but don’t drop out of school/ Tonight at 11 we ignore.... The Persons of Interest, Persons Unknown/ Faceless Mask, untraceable voice on the phone/ The drinking brigades, the conscientious rejectors/ Curmudgeons USA, or Utopia’s Defectors/ The Constitution’s Co-dependents/ The Bill of Right’s pill-popping enablers/ as well as the Magna Carta... Historical... Preservation... Society.


This was conceived as a 3-song "digital" 45RPM single. There is a back cover to go with the front as a "bonus item" that should be revealed as available on download.

You can find a front cover image on a badge, at zazzle, here: www.zazzle.com/cryptohelix_badge_for_bandcamp_single_1_inch_round_button-145006351307669049?rf=238421434795619955

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released November 2, 2015

Songs & Music: Cryptohelix, © 2015
Second guitar on To Abandon Space, all drums, backing vocals: G. Coffee
Recorded and engineered by Vern McElroy, Oakland, CA
Final mastering by Charles Stella, Los Angeles, CA


all rights reserved



Cryptohelix San Francisco, California

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