Manipulating A Machine

by Cryptohelix

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The past is breaking through, -- the past is breaking through. The past is breaking through. Doubleish cold, doubleish cold, 114131, strata 1431 Doubleish cold, doubleish cold, Doubleish cold -- 11431, strata 1431 The past is breaking through Stra-doublelsh cold, 11431 strata 1431 Strata fish cold, The past is breaking through
Maybe he will come today - I do not know. The code is 338. 11-643. Okay? Yeah, its working.
"Image, Identity, Attribution, Authorship We can say that a photographer owns her images, in the same way that an author owns her words. (The shorthand for this ownership is copyright.) ... "
The use of mass communications to incite random actors/ At each step, plausible deniability increases through the diffusion of responsibility. While their actions may have been statistically predictable, the specific person and the specific act are not yet predictable.
Its beautiful. Is there something I can help you with, Detective? I don't know yet Maybe if you told me what this was about? A homicide, multiple homicides. Gun battles raged on the streets of Ramadi today as Iraqi soldiers pushed to retake the city after months of ISIS control/ An Iraqi military source says troops control most of the city, although pockets of resistance remain/ United States State Department could not confirm those reports. Very significant snow totals here, around Kansas and reaching up toward the Twin Cities and into parts of Wisconsin, as Iraqi soldiers pushed to retake the city after months of ISIS control/ Zodiac reaching out to greater Martinez area to right the leg for something new - I know how it is/ The first film that we we simply gave the world, the real world, and show reality in motion, A stranger, people passing on the street on a windy day, A Steamship Sailing...
Tracers in the fluorescents with pyrex, plinking out a tune amongst the tines -- Draw the shades, turn on your slide show of the silver bus ride to the dunes Cadger and Badger and Phil Agree Tritones and train station beep medleys Pearly swirly light through the trees like a symphony of clacking utensils/ We all sing together We all come together We all sing together, now I tested out as The Observer -- a real rare one on the meyers-briggs The accepted diagnosis is the one most strategic for industry and the state We all sing together We all come together We all sing together... now
Photography did not always enjoy the protections of copyright. The argument went that manipulating a machine -- in this case a camera -- did not count as a creative act. Eventually, whether making a photograph rose to the level of authorship was settled by the courts... Photographers were authors of their creations and thus owners of their creations, and thus owned the copyright. Its not true, its not happening - manipulating a machine Manipulating a machine - its not true, its not true Its not true: True Machine.
Sole Louve 02:07
Pretty they're sprayin' on the 6 o'clock news said, "Somebody's been abused somebody blew up a hill" That steep you can't pull roots when they run that Deep he's gonna live and the air I breathe If I was passin' by that you're not here With me attitude she'll close a deal She don't love you forever I will take your hand beside you Always I will rise from the ashes for All that hurtin' was more than just one more time Some say this way of life is done but not for my work I knew this sixstring but things are different now I remember standing in the woods take a little drive just to Afraid to lay my life was just to clear my head I saw a flashing neon up ahead It looked like a mississippi hippie, she's Never fooled around and let the walls of my rope... And I saw a flashing neon up ahead, and I saw a flashing neon up ahead A bandit girl and that's all right If I'm gonna step into the fire makin' this guitar Six nights a week out here on The hurting side of me Truth is every man dies not every man lives I wanna paint outside the lines and, baby and it's past becomin' clear that: I can feel the sting of the loneliness — I can feel the sting of the loneliness I can feel. The sting of the loneliness. "Let’s glance back for an instant. From the 1930s until the 1970s, the US were at the forefront of an ambitious set of policies aiming to reduce social inequalities. Partly to avoid any resemblance with Old Europe, seen then as extremely unequal and contrary to the American democratic spirit, in the inter-war years the country invented a highly progressive income and estate tax and set up levels of fiscal progressiveness never used on our side of the Atlantic. From 1930 to 1980 – for half a century – the rate for the highest US income (over $1m per year) was on average 82%, with peaks of 91% from the 1940s to 1960s (from Roosevelt to Kennedy), and still as high as 70% during Reagan’s election in 1980."
Happy 01:29
Happy birthday. To you.
BOOM, shock. Boom, shock. Buh BOOM, shock. Boom, shock. BOOM, shock. Boom, shock. Buh BOOM, shock. Boom, shock. Dot, dot, Dot dot dot. dt dt, dt dt espacio, aahhhhhhhh, eeeehhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh Spirituale e morale valori indivisibili e universali della dignità umana, della libertà -- Tata Ta, tata! Tata! Tata!


From 2015 to mid 2018 I participated in almost twenty of the Disquiet Junto sound projects at

Each piece here cites its corresponding project in its info section.

While there were different goals for each project, my output orbited around a few themes and sounds:
- using artificial voices for quotes;
- digital loops to emulate old-school short tape loops;
- extracting percussion and ambient textures from field recordings (pile drivers, a dinging furnace, background music at department stores, people talking on the street).
- putting in some work to break from the locked-down BPM and beat aligning that is the default for much computer-aided recording.
- How human choices can masquerade as artificial intelligence

The plan was to respond to the “current political climate” with a series of uplifting anthems and rhyming political screeds over a bed of rousing guitars; but few of these initial songs were recorded, much less written. Instead, this other body of work - difficult, esoteric, a little more brooding and introspective, not topical, not so rock-n-rolla - was closer to release-ready.

Listening though again, messaging makes itself known that is more issue-oriented and in fact not so esoteric: discussion of intellectual property and ownership; Piketty quotes on economics; quotes from the book “The Cost of Freedom,” about a political prisoner; a cut-and-pasted definition of stochastic terrorism. Robot voices burble these real-people words aboard a lifeboat surging over loops, distorted instruments and crushed field recordings. Disparate and disembodied sounds hacked from a raging, incoherent internet and noisy, synchronistic TV, composed via machine or human choices masquerading as artificial intelligence — an extremely topical soundtrack for our alienated post-truth political climate.

Breaking from genre or category works against social medias’ relentless “optimization” of whatever branding you have. Consider more ambiguity and personality, less contrived controversy and single messaging. Enjoy!


released August 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Cryptohelix San Francisco, California

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